Yadong Overview   

Yadong Education is a dynamic educational company, consisting of Yadong Vocational School, Yadong Preschool, and Zishen International Education. It is headquartered in Xu Zhou, Jiangsu, China.

Starting from a leased 50-square-meter computer training center, Yadong Education was founded by Yadong Xie and Ju Xie in 1999. Its mission is to empower the students with the most effective, practical and well-balanced education.

Over 13 years, Yadong Education has made substantial growth in the field of vocational education. Winning the championship in the annual Vocational Skills Competition in Jiangsu province for one time and for four times in Xuzhou city, Yadong Vocational School enjoys a respectable reputation in the circle of vocational education. Yadong Education was entitled of “Top 100 private schools in China” in 2009 by Chinese Education Entrepreneur Association.

Today, in Yadong Vocational School, more than 2000 students are studying in a $15-million-investment campus with technically advanced facilities. We offer certificates, secondary and associate degrees in computer science, design, accounting, automotive technology and early childhood education, attracting students across China. Till now, we have 10,000+ alumni and Yadong Alumni Associations have been established in 10 cities in China.

In addition to vocational education, Yadong Education has successfully entered the fast-growing early childhood education industry: in 2009, Yadong Preschool was established; in 2010, early childhood education was introduced as a new major in Yadong Vocational School; in 2013, Zishen International Education was founded in Beijing, aspiring to offer the most effective education for children in China by bringing together the best of the East and the West in early childhood education.